If you have access to a computer that has internet connection, then we can repair your device’s software remotely  from as little as R100 (We offer special prices for technicians) – also see if you qualify for free bootlooping/logo hang repairs.  Payment is to be made prior to the service provision. We will gladly refund any payment for service that could not be provided due to a lack on our part.

If you do not have access to a computer or internet but willing to incur shipping/courier charges of around R200, then you can send in your device to us to have its software/firmware serviced (and sent back when all is done). The service cost is the same for both remote and workshop-based software repairs.

Other extra services that we provide are:

  • Lost or forgotten Google Account Credentials (FRP) reset
  • Privacy Protection Password reset
  • Lost or forgotten screen locks (PIN, Pattern and Password) reset (Limited models)
  • Network unlocking (Limited models)
  • Virus or Malware removal (Limited models)
  • IMEI repairs/rebuild (Not IMEI changing)
  • Unbricking (Limited models – see if you qualify for free unbricking)
  • Rooting (Limited models)
  • Bootloader unlocking (Limited models)
  • Software updating (Limited models)
  • Bloatware removal (Limited models)

NB. We  offer the above extra services for virtually all device models for which ROMs we offer amongst others models