LC Browser app

So far the browser offers three main Christian oriented features – namely ads blocking, image blocking as well as a clean start page. Because it is believed lust drives sales, it seems many imagery media encountered online are aimed at spurring lust. Having therefore control on what imagery loads during an internet sessions can therefore be a priceless privilege. Together with these, we wished to integrate several other including access control for the settings page. Which can be especially handy for parental controlling on kids devices. The browser is based on the Android WebView – this meaning that you do not really miss out on modern, basic browser advantages.

LC Keyboard app

This keyboard offers no native support of emojis, sticker or GIFs. While several emojis are okay and have their place in a conversation, many emojis, GIFs and stickers from most used libraries were found inappropriate and/or vain and therefore not expedient for individuals after God’s own heart (through Christ). We reckon Christians should be better off with their own curated emoji library if at all considerate. Until then, that we reckon we should be better off doing without.

LC AppStore app

Because the Play Store interface does not always prove sympathetic but often displays all manner of imagery, the ministry undertook an Webview-based app project that lets brethren install and manage their Android applications without directly using the native Play Store app. An approach that afforded us to implement imagery data filtering (from content generated). As mentioned above, being ever able to control what imagery content we get exposed to becomes a priceless privilege.

LC Messenger app

This is a cloud-based instant messaging app that uses Firebase for server-side. An open source instant messenger SDK further developed with an evangelical Christian-wholesome service quality in mind. The service is looking to maximize Christian wholesomeness through inclusion ( as well as excluding of features common on traditional cloud-based chat applications. Including but not limited to control over contacts profile pictures, presence or activity monitoring, etc.

APC Tips app

An ‘Android Parental Control’ book app that offers tips on Android parental controlling measures (both standard and advance) measure.

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