We are offering a free unbricking service with the following conditions. If you are having a bricked device that we have not worked upon as yet, then we can work upon it for you for free. You will only incure shipping charges for this (a total of R100 if you use the Pep’s PAXI courier service). Devices we currenly¬† and officially offer free unbricking for are:

Devices legible for free service

  • MobiWire Kohana
  • NEXT M1 by K-LITE
  • Premio P530
  • Stylo S551
  • Vodafone VFD320 (Vodacom Smart Kicka 4)
  • Vodafone VFD300 (Vodacom Smart Mini 7)
  • Telefunken Telc-93GIQ (9 inch tablet)

The list is subject to expansion

Why free?

What’s in this free offer for us? Well if we succeed, then we can retail whichever file we will have unbricked your device will. We a file will not have been used, we will have had occassion to establish an unbricking workflow for the model. Meaning there will be no need for trial and errors for future repairs of the same model.

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