Main service offers
  • Assist with rooting and system modifications
    Depending on the efficiency and reliability of your currently active parental control app, you may need to consider looking into other available helpers. One of which is to avail root privileges in order to take advantage of elevated-user configurations. To help fortify your existing parental control implementation. Which we could assist with (exploring multiple traditional root options until we should find one that works if at all available) and then help with necessary modifications. We as well offer to help you best decide on which main parental control application to use on your child’s android based device. Helping you with qualified ideas as you brainstorm around your child’s use cases in order to better decide on the ideal approach to use. Not sure if this is or not for you? Then you may see our blog post on the subject.
  • Assistance with a pre-modified firmware
    This can come especially in cases where you there exist no valid root method for the device. Especially for devices that are not provisioned for bootloader unlocking. Or if traditional root methods are just not working on your child’s device. Not sure if this is or not for you? Then you may see our blog post on the subject. Looking to DIY but have a question? Avail free answers here.
Service provision options
  • If you have access to a computer that has internet connection and you prefer, then we should be able to provide your desired service remotely. Service fee payment to be made prior to the service provision. We shall gladly refund any payment for which service we should fail to provide due to a lack on our part.
  • If you do not have access to a computer or internet but are located within South Africa and are willing to incur shipping/courier charges, then you can send in your device to us to have its software/firmware serviced (and then sent back when all is done). The service cost is the same for both remote and workshop-based software repairs.
Extra services that we may provide are:
  • Lost or forgotten Google Account Credentials (FRP) reset
  • Privacy Protection Password reset
  • Virus or Malware removal (Limited models)
  • IMEI repairs/rebuild (Not IMEI changing)
  • Unbricking (Limited models – see if you qualify for free unbricking)
  • Rooting (Limited models)
  • Bootloader unlocking (Limited models)

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