Remote Service

If you have access to a computer that has internet connection, then we can repair your device’s software remotely  from as little as R100 (We offer special prices for technicians). Payment is to be made prior to the service provision. We will gladly refund any payment for service that could not be provided due to a lack on our part.

Workshop Service

If you do not have access to a computer or internet but willing to incur shipping/courier charges of around R200, then you can send in your device to us to have its software/firmware serviced (and sent back when all is done). The service cost is the same for both remote and workshop-based software repairs.

Other extra services that we provide are:

  • Lost or forgotten Google Account Credentials (FRP) reset
  • Privacy Protection Password reset
  • Lost or forgotten screen locks (PIN, Pattern and Password) reset (Limited models)
  • Network unlocking (Limited models)
  • Virus or Malware removal (Limited models)
  • IMEI repairs/rebuild (Not IMEI changing)
  • Unbricking (Limited models)
  • Rooting (Limited models)
  • Bootloader unlocking (Limited models)
  • Software updating (Limited models)
  • Bloatware removal (Limited models)

Go here for more information on how you can contact us to book a service