Services: After having been involved in software and firmware rework for several years – we have come to make peace with the fact that, while success rate is very high, it seems each one tend to involve an inherent brick risk (soft or hard). So clients shall kindly keep this in mind. Also, not all software seemingly malfunctions are actually owing to a software based issue – but some turns out to be hardware related (such as a faulty memory or flash chip). In such cases, a firmware rework may lead to a much worse condition. We do aim to perform prior tests in cases where hardware issues are suspected. And depending on the the results, the client may decide if we proceed with the flashing or we forebear.

Insurance: Ideally, we should have an insurance cover against damages that may occurs due to possible neglect, insufficiency or mistakes. Unfortunately, we currently have under supply of running capital and cannot afford to take up an insurance cover at least until the near future hopefully. This meaning that though we aim to serve with uttermost diligence to hopefully minimize the possibility of such happening, we may not be able to reimburse you in the event that a device damage may be suffered due to an oversight on our part.

All services are subject to this Christian driven disclaimer:

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